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FIlament Winding 
(Filament Machines)


Known as filament winding machines, filament machines are used for winding roving's into various types of profiles, such as pipes, tapered profiles, tanks, pressure vessels and others.

Korthfiber machines are CNC controlled up to 4 programmable axes controlled by CADFIL software.

Korthfiber manufactures small, medium and large multi-axis machines if required.

(pultrusion machines)


Pultrusion machines, are continuous profile machines that have a fast and easy implementation process.

They are used to make bars, tubes, plates and other close profiles in fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Korthfiber machines can have multiple or single drives. These machines can have manual, semi-automatic or automatic cutting.

They may also have automatic storage.

Korthfiber machines are 100% adaptable to customer needs.



All the peripherals required for filament and pultrusion production, Korthfiber supplies its customers.

From individual equipment or even the most complex and complete system, it is supplied according to the customer's needs.

Feeders, detachers, moving tables, profile rest cradles, roving's wire shelves, layouts and others.


Exercise Areas

Through our partners and technology consultants, we make and develop lines and / or products for mass production, making general surveys such as financial technical feasibility, layout, product and process definition, equipment development, testing and certifications according to the standard to be applied. .
Filament Winding 


From the beginning of the project to the manufacture of products, Korthfibar is available for full customer support throughout its process.

We make the necessary customer visits at your equipment installation site to better understand and supply your equipment needs.

This way, the customer is comfortable completing the project with our team.

Pultrusion Machines


Whether it's a simple process for a small piece of equipment or even more complex with the need for expert advice from fiberglass or even special resins, monitoring is continuous and arduous for project execution.

Our work consists of creating and producing with the client to produce whatever their pultruded profile.


Lay-out e application


When available, Korthfiber with the customer conducts all layout surveys of the customer's manufacturing plant for pultrusion or filament.

Our team specializes in the complete application of equipment and peripherals at the customer's installation site.

Contact us to know better and more about our services.


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