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Korthfiber is the trademark of ASPAMQ (automation, systems, machinery and equipment), a national company founded in 1997. Korthfiber, through concrete partnerships and investment in technology and development in composite technical parts, manufactures Filament Winding process equipment with Up to 6-axis CNC, pultrusion equipment, and other peripherals needed for a complete production line.

Our goal is "Competitiveness and maximum productivity for our customers".


What is the advantage of using poles in composites?


Lighter and more resistant.
Higher productivity due to the manufacturing process.
Best value for money in transportation.


Do composite pipes withstand internal pressure?


Through Filament Winding's manufacturing process you can reach
High resistances to internal pressure.
Using high performance chemical barriers and thicknesses.


Crosspieces for poles?

Manufactured in Pultrusion process.
High productivity
Less use of manpower.
Less weight for the same mechanical strengths.

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