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Little Pultrusion

The small and medium-sized “Pultrusinha” equipment is focused on the continuous pultrusion process, being manufactured in 3 models:

NSP-150-6.0 KW - TR2 [This model has double pinch roller traction]

NSP-150-6.0 KW - LGT [This model has mini caterpillar traction (caterpillar track system)]

NSP-150-6.0 KW - PHD [This model has continuous alternating hydraulic caliper traction]


Power: up to 10 Kw / h


Supply voltage: three phase 220V + ground at 60 Hz


Current: up to 40A


Approximate weight of the whole set: up to 500 kg


Total line length: approximately 12.2 meters

Roller traction speed: between 0.1 m / min to 1.2 m / min (Note: for speed ratios it is recommended to change the reduction, this equipment is composed in the speed range 0.1 - 0, 7 m / min)

Tensile strength of double PU rollers (manual) up to 5.0 ton (depending on profile).

Examples of products manufactured by the equipment:
Included Items

01 Cj - Roving wire rack with up to 60 rolls (30 + 30). Made of SAE-1020 carbon steel with black epoxy paint.


01 Cj - Structural shelf for surface veil roll holders. Made of SAE-1020 carbon steel with black epoxy paint.


01 Cj - Frame for roving wire wetting tray set + Cj for heating plates, SAE-1020 STEEL frame with black epoxy paint, ral gray protective plates, stainless steel wire wetting pan with AISI-304 stainless steel parts and divers, AISI-304 stainless steel return tray, SAE-1020 carbon steel upper and lower heating plates, PT100 thermo element-controlled upper and lower resistors, and digital control with PID, 3 temperature control zones.


01 Cj - Structure for double-clamping tractor with manual clamping (optional hydraulic clamping), PU rolls, double reduction traction with adjustable speed and frequency inverter. Manual cutting by cutting disc and manual profile pusher (optional automatic cutting).

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